E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Friday, July 20, 2012

Extension of Ourselves

Nothing gets me as hot under the collar as an uninformed person spouting that if we just got rid of guns the world would be such a safe place. Dare I use sarcasm to ask if the world was a safe place before the invention of the firearm? Laughable.

Despite overwhelming facts and proven historic failures, it seems leading news anchors, politicians and sheep are consistently trying to make a point that it is a gun that is evil, and not the person who chose to wield it.

This has been spurred by the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Take for example, the Brady campaign and many others who state things like the following:

"“The responsibility for deaths like these do not stop at the hands
of the bucket owner,” Brady said. “Why are … bucket makers manufacturing
containers that a six-year old child can fill? This makes no rational
sense. When will the bucket industry realize that they bear a responsibility to
make sure that their products do not mete out preventable deaths, and
that they do not warrant nor deserve special protection from the law to
avoid that burden? Instead of safeguarding the bucket makers, we should be
childproofing the buckets.”

Now, obviously I changed one word in there...but it makes about as much sense, considering that 5 gallon buckets are responsible for more child deaths than firearms are (bucket typically has water, infant goes in head first, drowns etc).

If guns are so evil, then why aren't there ever any mass murders at gun ranges? In Aurora, on it's face, 14 are dead and 50 wounded. The gunman was apprehended by police alive and well. THAT is the part that is wrong. With the benefit of hindsight, a little arm-chair quarterbacking, but also with a sheep-dog mentality, that shooter should have been bludgeoned to death several times over at a MINIMUM before law enforcement ever arrived.

But we have taught and encouraged passivity in the face of adversity for far too long to have that expectation. We have expected government to protect us and make us safe and have forgotten how to do it ourselves.

Guns are an equalizer, they are a tool, they are the extension of ourselves. Evil people who do crazy things will always exist...and there will always be those willing to stand in the gap and stare evil in the face...and smile. Every one of us should strive to be that person.

In contrast to the Aurora shootings, recently, an elderly man in an Internet cafe in Ocala Florida, stopped two armed thugs from completing their crime spree. He did this by the use of his own legally carried pistol. Would we have been reading about an Internet cafe massacre if he hadn't toed the line and stood in the gap? No one will ever know. I do not envy the survivors of the movie theatre massacre, and I am sure many will never go to sleep at night without wondering, "If I had only been armed and fought back, could I have saved lives? Could I have prevented the slaughter?

In 1996, Australia enacted total gun control. Private citizens were not allowed to keep guns, period. According to far left rhetoric and doctrine, this should mean that peace and non-violence would reign. Law abiding citizens turned over their firearms. What followed is the same that has always happened whenever citizens are disarmed. Violent crime soared it the first year of inception...300 PERCENT!!! Home invasions rose, assault on the elderly rose, broad daylight robbery's rose. But how could this be? But let's just ignore that and enact some more knee-jerk reaction gun laws, further restraining the law abiding citizen and disarming them in the face of thugs and murderers that will always be armed no matter what the law says.

Why are school shootings usually so catastrophic? Because school's are full of unarmed sheep. We broadcast from the rooftops that schools are gun-free zones, then wonder why so many are killed before anyone can stop it?

We do not look both ways before crossing the street because we have a history of getting struck by cars. No! But because we know enough from history, that we can prevent it from happening, merely by staying alert.

The same is true of seat belts. Many of us have never been in a car accident, yet we prepare ourselves for one by wearing a seat belt. We are not "scared" or "paranoid" by being prepared, we are considered wise, cautions and smart parents by teaching our children to do the same.

We do not live in fear of a house fire, but we keep a loaded fire extinguisher ready and teach our children how to use it (I hope).

Granted, these are apples and oranges in some perspectives, but they are at the same time closely related. We can blame main-stream media and Marxist-Leninist Professors for this widespread philosophy that guns are dangerous and evil. People are usually afraid of things they don't understand, but I do not see this as a reason to let the ignorant decide if and when we can defend ourselves. You simply did not see school shootings, accidental gun deaths (published so negatively) and mass murder in America prior to the 1960's. This age is the product of willful ignorance and lack of responsibility. Parents have pursued the American dream and left their children to be raised by the government, television and video games, then wonder why the school hasn't raised their children properly? As one single example a decline in morality has left people wanting to have sex, but not wanting to have babies...leading to mass abortion and/or fatherless homes. I think this is part of the key to the break-down in our society.

Even if God is a big giant fantasy (which I do NOT claim), even if religion is nothing but a power structure designed to control us, we need a return to the morality that Christianity brings. There is no basis for that which is "right" outside of the bible, as human beings seem to be singularly incapable of discerning the difference between right and wrong on any basic level. We have seen this country turn to it's own devices and we have failed miserably.  This country needs to return to the fundamental values that made us a great nation.

I can see the writing on the wall. History is about to repeat itself. Within the next 10 years, this country is going to be brought to it's knees. Some event will happen; plague, famine, asteroid, war, invasion, you name it... and this house of cards will all come crashing down. You will know the beginning of the end, when they begin to restrict our ownership of firearms. This is not a paranoid gun-nut talking, this is the natural, observable and historical progression of the downward spiral we are on.

Every time we see an act of violence, by a CRIMINAL, we get reaction laws, restricting the freedoms of the CITIZEN. We will eventually see a police state or a revolution...and both go hand in hand.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No You Can't

I was going to pick a topic that was happy, and write about that. But I heard from Obama, and just couldn't make it so.

Barak Hussein "Berry" Obama has made many ridiculous statements, and I believe last week's takes the cake. "...If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." This quote taken from his statements that business owners didn't build their own businesses, they received help along the way...

Perhaps this is because Mr Obama is used to being a community organizer, where you don't actually work for the funds you receive. Perhaps this is because Mr Obama is used to having everything handed to him. Perhaps this is because Mr Obama hasn't the first clue about running a business. He hasn't done so good so far with a country, so I can expect no less.

Shortly thereafter, Berry noted that top earners have an obligation to pay more to trim the deficit.

I would agree with that statement, if he would first look at elected, one-term officials, who go on to get a life-long pension, as being some of the first "top earners"' to pay more to trim the deficit. If he is truly concerned, then I would like to see a symbolic gesture on  his part, and take a pay cut, along with every member of house and congress.

It would appear then, that Mr Obama has in affect, changed his presidential slogan from "Yes we can!" To "No You Can't!!!"