E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn Leaves

Oh wow, it's been almost two months since I posted; pure nonsense. BTW, it has been over a year and I still have not progressed past page 26 of my attempted Iraq book. It may stay at page 26 forever, who knows? We'll see if I get inspired this winter or not.

I love fall, it's my favorite season. What I do not like are the political ads and campaigns that come with it. This year is bigger and "worser" as it is the presidential election. Part of me wants to just stick my head in the sand and not listen to anything or anyone, but responsibly I just don't have that luxury. I was able to change someone's entire belief system once from a socialist to a capitalist perspective and it gave me hope.

Speaking of hope (and change), why is it that every time I get into a conversation about Obama's economic policy, or his judge and jury drone use, or health care or pretty much any topic Obama, my liberal friends refuse to stay on issue. Instead, there is an immediate transition into, "It's Bush's fault" or "Romney won't do any better" or "Republican's are worse." I have never understood this transition as the topic was never about Bush, Romney, Republican or Democrat?

When Obama makes a statement defending Islam, or the Koran, or makes a statement like, "The Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on earth," I usually get the response, "Christianity is just as barbaric in it's history..." or something of the like...again, when did the conversation switch? Why the diversion and refusal to talk about the subject at hand? I would rather just not talk about it, or cease all political conversations, but I can't stand seeing people swallow the pill and drink the cool aid because "everyone else is doing it."

I think the last 4 years has been a small wake-up call and a realization that talk is cheap, yet people still insist on defending this load of crap.

Well, not poetic, has nothing to do with autumn leaves, and now I'm all worked up and angry. Why do I do this to myself? I just KNEW I should have written about kittens and pixies this morning, but did I listen? noooooo...