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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day: Tolerating Tolerance

The inability of the mainstream media to call a spade a spade continues to amaze me. The riots in Sweden this month are a prime example. I have read many articles now and there seem to be two predominant items that stick out in my mind: 1. The media cannot seem to understand why the Socialist model is failing and 2. You really have to dig deep to translate what is actually MUSLIM from “immigrant” and “segregated residents.”

There are many sources, and I will not link them all, but suffice to say that most of what I am writing about comes from, and

As I have always said, the only problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money. Some of the statements from the media are, “...Coalition leaders should resist the temptation of undoing decades of enlightened social policy...” My statement is “Why on earth would you resist getting rid of something that is historically proven to fail fail FAIL!?”

Another site, “Poverty and unemployment are the main causes of the riots.” Me- Right, because when I was unemployed I went out and threw bricks and burned cars... ;) The true cause, as I am reading, is that "We want our welfare and if you take it we'll get violent. USA today seems to support this, “Some blame the violence on the Swedish government: Administrations in the past two decades have been slowly dismantling the cradle-to-grave welfare benefit system known as the "Swedish model." As a result, rising income inequality is hitting young and immigrant populations hard.” Translation= “What!? I have to work? But I came to this country to get everything for free!?

Now we come to the crux of the matter. Statements like USA today, “Swedes have been increasingly worried about immigrants failing to integrate and the cost to the state in benefits.”

AND “Days of rioting have left Sweden searching for answers, wondering what went wrong in a nation welcoming of foreigners...”

AND “The groups that are involved are some of the most economically deprived groups within society.”

One tries to get to the bottom of why they won't say who is specifically responsible, but must pay attention, because you will only read things in the fine print like, “In the suburbs engulfed in the rioting, most of the residents are of non-Swedish origin, mainly from Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Somalia.”

OR "Sweden is going through something of a transition," Goodwin said. "It has seen the rise of explicitly anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim political movement....” STOP RIGHT THERE!! Did you catch those two last quotes? They won't come right out and say it, and THAT is what bothers me the most. The truth, the translation is simple, the group responsible for most of this are the Muslim immigrants. Yet they are trying to blame the political movement...? That of trying to STOP the violence and call it anti-Muslim!!!? But if you say that out loud you are IMMEDIATELY labeled a racist or intolerant or ignorant. The problem is, that telling the truth gets you these things. Why oh WHY won't the American media just report the facts. Instead they question why their perfect system is falling apart and blame everyone be the ones responsible? Sweden accepts immigrants with open arms, they are tolerant to pretty much everything, have the "perfect" welfare model...and yet the house of cards is tumbling down and we don't want to acknowledge that there has been an infestation, a demand for Sharia law, a demand for a Mosque on every corner. We have seen it in England, France, and a multitude of other is not going away and it is quickly coming to a town near you.

I could do many more posts on this topic and maybe I will. Often times when talking about this I immediately hear how Christians used to do what Muslims do in years past. The difference is that I am not talking about things that happened hundreds of years ago. I am talking about what is happening RIGHT NOW! The argument of “there are extremists in every religion” holds no water for me. No matter how bad the Westboro church is, they aren't beheading people and blowing themselves up en-masse.

I could go on and on about how Islam is NOT a religion of peace, that there can only be peace through 100% conformity to Islam and Jihad. I have seen this parasitic religion come in and declare peace, ask for tolerance and acceptance which turns to demands, riots and genocide...but I'll just stop, and post this link to a site that covers it well

and ask each of you to check out alternate news sources besides main stream USA media. Foreign reporters are not quite so afraid to say that there is a problem. But American media is so afraid to offend someone that they go out of their way to mask it in other words. One of my concerns is that people my age and younger have a complete and total inability to discern what is true. If they read it on the internet or see it on TV it must be true...or so it seems.

As I have said before, I believe it is too late for America, we have already passed the point where the masses can vote themselves free stuff, and the majority has. Now we are being overrun...we cannot sustain ourselves at this rate. Now government is attempting to regulate morality. They must have forgotten how the prohibition worked out...

I'm just frustrated people. It's like watching someone come to town and poison the water supply, then watch the same person do it to 25 more towns. You try to warn the 26th town but they just scoff at you and ask how the nice man in the white suit could possibly do something like that. You try to explain that you have seen it happen and know this man for what he is. You are dismissed as a prejudiced boggot and are forced to watch as more drink the cool aid. You can only watch the death throes and know that there is little you can do to convince any of the towns of what is happening. You can show proof; pictures, videos, can show the man in his own words state exactly what he is doing and what he is planning on doing and what he will continue to do...but everyone would rather smile and shake hands with the nice peace-loving man instead of taking action to stop him in his tracks. This whole thing is playing out like a demented Stephen King novel.

Ironically I am writing this on the day where I am thinking about some friends of mine who's names I carry as a memorial on strips of metal around my wrists. I remember them on this, Memorial day. I would have rather written a post remembering them and their sacrifice, but all I can think of is how we are squandering their ultimate gift in the name of Tolerance.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I checked the news today, saw the story about the New York student that got shot in a hostage situation. The gist of it is that a home-invader was holding a student in a headlock when police arrived. He pointed his gun at the officer. The officer opened fire shooting seven shots. 6 of which struck the intruder. One shot fatally struck the hostage. Of course I was very saddened at the end result...shooting with a pistol in a high stress environment is no easy thing. There is a mere three inches from the target area to the hostage head. Yet THIS is one of the first comments on the media comment page,

"Another officer who needs firearms training.  It's bad decision making and bad shooting that leads a cop to (nearly?) empty a magazine.  Not to mention poor aiming.  Very sorry for the parents and remaining sister."

Not only was I shocked at the comment, I was immediately enraged. How dare an uninformed, over-opinionated douche-bag, armchair quarter back a life or death situation with the benefit of hind sight!? Some department budgets only allow an officer to qualify once or twice a year with no budget at all for practice in-between...

I quickly got over this when I remembered that it is almost impossible to hold anyone accountable on a web-based argument.

I relaxed further as I went to one of my first Crawdad feeds EVER! It was glorious...everything dripping in butter and Cajun seasoning...a whole table covered in cooked crustaceous delicacy...I can't remember any other point in time that I enjoyed such a succulent meal.

In COMPLETE subject change. I took a group of guys out into the woods on a 24 hour survival adventure. 15 guys total. I instructed on everything from water gathering and purification to snare making and fire starting. 45 degrees out and it rained. No tents, no sleeping bags, no blankets, only what you would take with you in the wood grouse hunting. I think it was an excellent learning experience. The end!