E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year

Well, here we are in 2014. I didn't bother making any "resolutions" to speak of. Mostly I want to spend time investing my energy and time into people that matter.

To that end, a close friend and I road-tripped and visited another buddy from a neighboring state and spent an afternoon belly laughing and re-living some old memories while making new ones. Ah what a genuine joy is the company of a good friend.

Random thoughts:

1. I know that as of January I am already so very tired of winter and am looking forward with great anticipation towards spring.

2. I am seriously considering returning to college this summer and finishing up a bachelor's degree. Complete change in major to Business Management. We'll see how that goes.

3. I went back through my blog because my 8 year old niece didn't believe I was a soldier. After showing her some photographic evidence she says, "Uncle, you always have the coolest jobs!" That warmed my heart a little bit...ah the wonderful ignorance of childhood. Blissful.

4. "Register your guns" they said, "for your safety" they said. Two years later, "Give us your guns" they said, "for your safety" they said. "Turn in your neighbors" they said, "For your safety" they said. Not too much later, "Get on this train" they said, "Show us your papers" they said. They didn't want to get on, they didn't feel safe. But it didn't matter what they wanted anymore, they had no choice.  Location: Nazi Germany: in what used to be a free country

"Register your guns" they said, "For your safety" they said. Fail to do it by Jan 1 2014 and you are a felon- Location: Connecticut in what used to be the free country of USA
(Response- You are a conservative nut, gun registration does NOT mean gun confiscation, Obama is not after your guns!!!)

"We see you have xxxxx guns registered with the city. Turn them in or you are a criminal." (is that confiscation?) This is for your safety they said. Location:  New York City 2013 in what used to be the free country of USA

Yes, I still cling to my old fashion values of God, Family and Guns. If any one starts to go, the others are soon to follow. But it is usually degraded in the order listed.