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Friday, July 25, 2014


Summer, as usual, is passing by far too quickly. End of July already! I feel like I have spent the majority of the summer cutting my lawn. We packed a couple family vacations in. My wife said that family vacations feel like work, and a trip to Target kid-free feels like a vacation! Truth.

In other news, my love for rock climbing has not dimmed in the least! A couple local climbing enthusiasts and I planned and executed a climbing trip up the North Shore for a group of 14 guys (no plans to take a group that big again in the near future)

. Pictured is Matt, one of several guys I got the chance to get to know a little better. What could be better than good company, adventure and God's great outdoors? Very little at this part of the journey.

Everyone got a chance to rappel down Carlton Peak, then get a little bloody on the sharp Anothorsite rock.
The roundabout climb got us up above ground level about 1000 feet (not the height of actual climb). With two 60 meter ropes in my ruck I just about had a heart attack on that march. Here I swore never to go on a ruck march much for saying never! It did remind me that the gym alone is not a well-rounded workout and I have since started hitting the cardio again.

One could say I have become a bit obsessive about rock climbing. Since the trip referenced above I have been back to Duluth area twice and word of a trek to the needles in South Dakota is rumored. You may remember a previous post last year when I was just getting started? Now I'm getting gear, inciting friends to climb, building a bouldering wall in my basement and hitting the local climbing gym in the winter months. Hey, there are worse hobbies out there right?

Hope everyone reading this is having as much fun as me this summer. It is nice to write a post when I am not angry about something. Ironically, that is usually when I write. Unfortunately it gives the impression I am a cynical rage machine. Not true!

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