E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


In other news, I have recently started college classes again! Didn't really see that one coming at all...I have been in a pretty solid career position for about 6 years now. At the moment I have no intentions of switching careers or anything, I just felt prompted to go back and study. Strangely, not even for the sake of a Bachelors itself, but the supplementing of life in general.

One never ceases to learn, that is for sure. I am very much enjoying easing back in with a light 6 credit semester, online for now. Full time family and full time job are a lot to have on the plate without adding college as I'm sure many know.

Rabbit trail: Heard a radio station start out the day with an intentional up-beat news report of the top five uplifting stories. What a change! First story was a guy running with his dog, he got attacked by a black bear and the dog saved him. There were several others, but I was so impressed that a news station took the time to intentionally report something good!

I don't have television, intentionally. When I do look at the news, I go online and seek it out. There is so much negativity and sludge in the media I don't do more than give it a cursory glance every once in a while.

Nothing profound this month. I just like to do a minimum of one post a month. I did notice that a post a while back on Zombies got over a thousand views!!!? Crazy. I think it was that high anyway.

Haven't had many comments in a while. Must be time for something controversial :)