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Friday, September 19, 2014

On Bacon

Do to a commented request on last month's post. I am doing a post on BACON.

I believe that unclean animals were made clean in the New Testament for consumption both because of the redemptive salvation of Jesus Christ, AND because God wanted us all (Jews included) to be able to eat BACON!!!

In my house, we get our bacon in large quantities from a local farmer, and I can hardly eat store-bought bacon anymore after having my taste buds exposed to the glorious deliciousness of this salty-piece-of-heaven.

Everyone knows the 'eggs are good eggs are bad' argument....professionals still can't seem to decide what is good for us or not. Remember the "Fat Free" craze? Tasted like crap, so they dumped in tons of sugar to make the crap taste better. How did that work out? Like crap.

I have heard bacon is good, bacon is bad. If you want something bad enough, you can justify whatever you want with statistics. But I did read a recent study that says real bacon fat (don't know if that includes injected colored processed stuff in the store...?) is almost as good to cook with from a nutritional stand-point, as Olive Oil. Can you believe it!? I do, because I save and use my bacon fat.

Did you know that it is not the cholesterol that causes blockage in the arteries? Seriously. It plays a part, but it is sugar that is the killer. Sugar creates abrasions within the arteries, cholesterol merely collects and builds plaque on/in these abrasions and spurs. So what's the point? Eat more bacon, and less sugar.

Rabbit trail- There is sugar in EVERYTHING in America. I'm not talking about natural sugar found in apples and fruit and all that, but processed and refined sugar. It's in bread (oh by the way, next time you buy a loaf of "whole wheat" bread in the store, look at the ingredient don't even know what half of them are. And "natural flavors" could be's natural! Oh, and try to find bread that doesn't use 'enriched' flour. Real bread should have no more than 6 ingredients) Okay, enough on that. Start looking and researching and your cupboards may just turn into ingredients instead of pre-boxed/canned everything. SO many preservatives and chemicals are the cause of so much obesity and health problems that it's just killing us. Okay, off the rabbit trail. - there is no sugar in bacon!

I am fairly confident that you could wrap bacon around an old boot, fry it with bacon and it would be delicious!

My favorite treat is cutting jalapenos in half length-wise, spooning in pre-mixed cream cheese and shredded cheese, wrapping with bacon and tossing in the oven until golden brown and delicious. Serve hot, or even better, cold...mmmmm I'm drooling.