E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Thursday, June 25, 2015

We're from the government and we're here to help...

It's perfectly fine, this is a medical procedure, it's for your own good. Now sit still Jonny and let it happen or we'll fine your parents, maybe charge THEM with a crime. Now, take your lobotomy.

Now, on to the topic: Mandated vaccines

More and more of our freedoms begin to erode, soon they will be all gone, because big brother knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not.

Recently in the news, California is on the cusp of passing a vaccination mandate for children, not giving parents the right to opt out of vaccines. If you have read my previous post on vaccines, then you know how I feel about them, and how there are neurotoxins in them; Formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury to name a couple.

Big brother does NOT know best. For YEARS big brother (FDA) has told us that an aspirin a day is good for you, and encouraged you to take one every day regardless if you need it or not. This has been common thought and practice for years. Now it appears that aspirin is bad for you, and can cause bleeding to the brain and stomach. But if you had challenged the status quo prior to this, you would have been labeled as a nut, a fringe-thinker, even a conspiracy theorist.

As I discussed in my last post…do we really have freedom… if it begins to be more and more regulated? How long before we are told what opinions we are allowed to have? Will we be “allowed” to grow our own food? How about having a say in how we raise our children? Where does the madness end?

It ends when the average citizen gets pissed off enough to stand up, draw a line in the sand and say, “That’s enough.”

I have already drawn my line.  I’ve seen what happens in other countries when the elected people that are supposed to represent, get too big for their britches, and it isn’t pretty. You can murder an unborn child, but heaven forbid you have a say in what is injected into the one you chose to keep alive. Little by little, we are losing before the fight has even begun.  Pray, think, act.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Silent Thunder

Are you free to say whatever you want as long as you follow a lengthy set of rules and stay away from taboo topics? Or is this subjective freedom? Is it freedom at all?

A recent online debate recently caught my eye. Now my disclaimer, as a blogger I often wonder if you can engage in true debate in an online forum. I know there is a distinct advantage in some cases, as I can often research my response before I make them. Emotional retorts are often times just that, emotional instead of factual, and I am just as guilty as anyone. I believe you can debate, it is just hard to hold anyone accountable for what they say. End of disclaimer.

The debate in question was a discourse on freedom of speech. One opponent was arguing that Canada does in fact have freedom of speech, while the other postulated that limited freedom is not freedom at all. The debate turned into a tantrum with overreaching statements that if we try to stop terrorism then we are quenching freedom of speech. I am not going to stoop to that level. However, it did bring up an interesting question for most of our freedoms for me personally. Does a country truly have freedom of the press if the government can regulate what is published? Does a country have freedom of speech if government can arrest you for an opinion they have not sanctioned? Does a country have freedom to keep and bear arms if those rights are systematically stripped? Does a country have freedom of peaceable assembly if the government limits that right to specific groups? Does a country have freedom of religion if the government sanctions what can and what cannot be said in church? These are questions to ponder, and they are not philosophical. They are coming to a state near you.

For the sake of space and attention span, let’s stick with freedom of speech for this post. Recently, near the town I live, a person was found hauling their garbage to the dump. He was holding his garbage in his trailer with an American flag. This is such a personal issue to me, because of how much that flag means to me, because of the friends I have who fought and died for what that flag means, and were then buried beneath those stars and stripes. To see someone so callously use and abuse Old Glory sets my blood to boiling, to say nothing of those that burn or urinate upon it. HOWEVER, that is the true sign of a free country, the right to protest or act peaceable in whatever manner inspires you. I could do an entire post on the stars and stripes, but I will not. Suffice to say, there are many countries where you could be arrested and even executed for disrespecting the nation’s flag or say, even a book. What would happen if Lil Wayne walked on the Islamic Flag? I suppose it would depend on what country he was in when he did it...

So, if flag burning is one of the signs of a free country, what are the beginning signs of a repressed country? The original question was, “Does Canada have true freedom of speech if that freedom is limited by the government?” Point of fact, in Canada, you can and will be put in jail if you preach from the pulpit that the bible says homosexuality is a sin. There are good pastors with good hearts and no ill will or intent in jail in Canada right now simply for reading the bible out loud on this topic, as Canada has labeled it hate speech. I would conclude this is not freedom of speech, this is not freedom of religion, and this is not freedom. What a precedent. Regardless what anyone’s opinion on homosexuality is, if people are not free to discuss it or talk about it, where does the encroachment of government end? If we do nothing are we just zombies in a game? What about the extreme bias in America towards Christianity that we should wake up and take a look at. Hillary Clinton's retaliatory statements when questioned about the security clearance of certain high level security staffers that have family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood should at least raise an eyebrow.

May I suggest a VERY good book written by a friend of mine? It just came out, specifically covering freedom of speech. Ironically it is endorsed by liberal and conservative alike, Christian and atheist, straight and homosexual. It is called, “Shhhh! Quiet Christian.” By Gus Booth. A provocative, educational interesting read to say the least. It will make you think if nothing else.
It can be found easily, but here is a link to Amazon if that is easier still.