E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I have done a good job cutting myself off from mainstream media. I found I was anxious, angry and stressed when I spent too much time in the news. So it was with great sadness and deep mourning that I heard of the four Marines murdered by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez in Tennessee.

I was further grieved that CNN's opening and ending paragraph were about the type and detail of the firearm used. In an essay, this is how you drive your main point home; opening and concluding point.

The 'innocent' and loaded question of '"Who was the gunman and why did he open fire?"' is just another example of liberal media pandering to the PC gods.

Why are we so afraid to conclude that a Muslim Terrorist is exactly and simply that...a Muslim Terrorist? We certainly have no problem throwing around "Christian hate mongering" or "White conservative" as soon as the label seems to fit, but they can't seem to bring themselves to ask the question, "Why do Muslim Terrorists hate the west so much that they will murder, torture and destroy with impunity?" That is the issue that needs to be addressed, not the side-stepping "Islam is a religion of peace" pandering nonsense that is so popular right now.

Obama did a decent job of a press release, but he used words like "killed" instead of "murdered" and "attacked" instead of hate-crime. The transposition of which was used when describing recent race-filled incidents in our country.

Why do our leaders and policies reflect an apologetic attitude to the rest of the world and a PC campaign of 'just trying to be nice' in hopes that nations will like us, when we should be taking an iron stance on those that attack, use, rape and assault our country?

Some bullies don't want to be paid off, they don't want to play nice, and they don't want to be friends. They just want to take something nice and destroy it.

We as a country and we as individuals need to be far less concerned with what others think, and far less concerned with being well-liked and start practical application for defending our citizens. I realize that no matter what we do good people will die, but we can at least try to stem the tide.
No matter how much PC guru's would preach that Islam is a religion of peace, I can testify that statement is a lie. I know there are millions of peaceful Muslims, but the large strain of violence that permeates every Islamic country was seen when Muslims around the world abruptly cheered when the Twin Towers were attacked.

I found this quote from a website that is pretty spot-on for my worldview:
"We have seen the roots of Islamic violence in the life and teachings of Mohammed. We have seen that world events have conspired to place Islam and Christianity in a conflict of civilizations that has stretched from the sixth to the twenty-first century.
What the future holds is unknown. What is known is that Islamic civilization has a strong tendency to violence that stretches back to the days of Mohammed and that has begun to flare up in resurgent terrorist and revolutionary movements."

 One of my old sergeants used to say you never present a problem without also presenting a possible solution. I still agree with that.

So I tried to actually come up with a partial solution that is viable for my readers. Something that my readers have within their ability to do. I tell you what, it was not easy! But I did come up with a two-part strategy I believe everyone can participate in. #1 Pray for our country, since I do believe there is hope. #2. Stop watching and reading CNN, since they insist on reporting opinion instead of facts. NBC goes so far as to edit and produce outright lies. I personally do not watch either anymore.

There, I am empty on higher thinking for today. Sad, because this didn't feel very high ;)

After all of that, my opening and ending are the same. It is with deep sadness that I salute the servicemen that were murdered by a Muslim Terrorist.