E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fall Approaches

I just finished reading a fiction book called, “The Harbinger.” A harbinger is a warning. The book takes a look at biblical prophecy and makes correlations to modern day America. Biblical or not, this book is a mind freak of a read. In a nutshell, disaster is predicted for America, and one of the last warnings to turn from our moral decline will come September of 2015. There is simply no way to summarize it in a web-post, so I won’t bother to try. I also skimmed through a book called, “Four Blood Moons,” which goes back through history to catalog major world events that transpire every time there is a series of four blood moons in a row. If memory serves, the last set of blood moons marked the times of the holocaust, Israel being established, the 6 days war…and I forget the other. In any case, this book also says something is supposed to happen. The final blood moon will be September 28th. There is simply too much information on the World Wide Web to make a cohesive summary. Suffice to day, a lot of the coincidences are interesting, and I’ll be watching world events next month to see what happens.

I didn’t really have much interesting to post this month, but I wanted something up on the last day of August. Back to school full time while still in my career job. No plans of job changing at this point just thought the time was right. My summer was WAY busier than I wanted it to be, I only got out fishing twice. Oh well, grouse hunting is almost here. Fall approaches.