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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas Somalia

I try to look at mainstream media as little as possible for a variety of reasons; mostly to reduce my stress level. With that said, today online I caught the title, "Somalia bans Christmas." I read the article, and it appears that the government has put a ban on celebrating Christmas because it is 'contrary to Islamic culture' and could theoretically 'damage the faith of the Muslim community.'

I was going to look at three points, but realized they each would need a separate post. Lets just look at one in summary, the point noted last that the celebration of Christmas could "damage the faith of the Muslim community."

How I ask, could someone else celebrating another Holliday be damaging to your faith? If it is possible to fall away from your faith because someone else is celebrating a separate holiday, I would question the validity of that faith. Could it possibly be a concern that someone is a free thinker and they want to control those thoughts? After all, there is nothing more dangerous to a totalitarian government than a free-thinking people.

 Did you know that Muslims celebrate Rabi'-ul-Awwal (AKA Mawlid al-Nabi), that is, the birth of Muhammad? I did. Guess what? We don't outlaw Mawlid in America because it might damage the faith of Christians! Could you imagine the uproar in the global community if we did?

That my friends is the difference between a free Republic, and an Oligarchy. It is also an example of a society under Sharia Law (Somalia 2009). We would do well to keep that in mind as we as a nation ignorantly try to embrace everything and everyone in an effort to have a happy society based on good feelings instead of history, reality and fact.

On another note, there is something to be said for the Kardashian's under Sharia...I mean, look at the possibilities in the picture below...

The average American likes to think they understand Islam and Sharia Law, they really? I have found that talking to the average person on the street (present reader excluded of COURSE!) about Islam is much like sitting down to a traditional Asian dinner. They think to themselves, "I like Chinese food!" Until they are presented with a nice serving of Balut (second picture); suddenly, what you thought you understood takes on a whole new meaning, and its too late to send it back to where it came from...

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