E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Oil and Dakota Pipeline

I think it ironic and hypercritical that the majority of the pipeline protesters traveled great distances in order to protest. They:
1. Drove cars that were created in factories, powered by fossil fuel plants, all the parts of which are nearly all complete derivatives of the products of fossil fuel.
2. Each car driven uses fossil fuel
3. The roads driven on by the protesters in their cars that burn gas are made from oil
4. Everything from the signs they use to the toilet paper they wipe with could not be made without oil

Yet...they are protesting...oil. Yes, I know it is much more complex than that and arguments will be made that it is for the water...or the land...or the ...whatever. Maybe if people could come together in unity like this for productive purposes like, say, developing clean energy that is practical, instead of burning cars, taking police away from other investigations and duties as well as creating general mayhem...perhaps they could be part of the solution instead of the problem?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Righteous Anger

In the news, the Federal Government decided that some veterans were overpaid on their enlistment bonuses (through no fault of the veteran) and are now taking back the overpayment through wage garnishment. Reading it is sickening and semi-fraudulent sounding. As in, "woops, we know we ordered you on deployment, but since you left your main job that you got the bonus for, we're taking it back from you 10 years later." Like soldiers have a choice if they get deployed? Pretty sure you go to prison or get charged if you refuse? Even the Feds said that these soldiers mostly acted in good faith, but they need their money.

The question then the Federal Government going to go after all the single male recipients of welfare fraud? Are they also going to go after all the illegal aliens that are drawing social security?
Not just a double standard, an outrageous knife in the back and an insult.

The sad part is, this was only in the news for a day or two and is now old news, done and gone.
I could go on...and on...but I won't

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Return of the Zeke

Hello any of my faithful readers that may still be out there. I seriously considered deleting this blog. I even backed it up in a word document. But I couldn't do it. Too much of me is here for the world to see.

Coming up on a year since my last post, certainly a first for me. I just got tired of writing in a world where facebook is king and every stupid story about what someone ate that day gets an immediate response. It just made me want to quit writing. Instead, I deleted facebook a couple years ago. LIBERATING!!! I tell you what, I think I was border-line addicted to facebook. When you tell people you deleted your account, you would think you just insulted their dead grandmother. The excuses come in loads, "I keep up with my's about the pictures...staying connected!" It wasn't like I was expecting anyone to justify their facebook existence, just tying to let people know that I hadn't blocked them, I had just deleted the digital "me."

So, now...I am not sure my site will continue down the deployment or post-deployment road. We have been back for 9 years now. The writing I needed to do has been done. Moving onward.

I thought, even though life is busy, that I might challenge myself for the sake of writing. This blog may turn into something that isn't about an audience so much as an accountability thing for myself. A place to write and have a record of what is written. We'll see how that goes!